I have a daughter, she is five, and of course, she enrolled in the art school since three years old. What I love to do, is collecting a kids books illustrated by famous Artist and read them with my adorable. So, I got another dozen books on my shelf and also cheered to Filipa’s school, they were pleased to get it. There a lot of interesting stories and colors. Below I added few links, but there are much more to find online. The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen & Yayoi Kusama: A Fairy Tale of Infinity and Love Forever…

Inspiration # 4. Bright Interiors

  Bright decoration ideas are always on trends. Last night I explored the Internet for the most colorful and inspiring design ideas. And now invite you to see and use it for the inspiration. Copyright© by Art and Design Assistance 2013-2017. All rights reserved