WHAT TO COLLECT #124. Pablo Thecuadro

Born in 1992. From Zaragoza but he lives and works in Madrid. There’s only one thing he loves the most: to create images. Essential but powerful collages, in which Pablo Thecuadro mixes different techniques: from the cut by hand to digital techniques. Pablo Thecuadro collages go beyond the simply combination of beautiful images; they include the concept of duality in the human being. His work is a deep, elegant and abstract exploration that brings back to reality, to the human essence. Copyright @ by Pablo Thecuadro Read the interview with Artist on https://www.thefashionatlas.com/en/atlas_en/photography_en/the-abstract-collages-by-spanish-artist-pablo-thecuadro.php#prettyPhoto

“Observatory of Light” FOR LOUIS VUITTON

This spectacular glass-colored structure named “Observatory of Light” is designed by the French artist Daniel Buren. He has covered the glass sails of the Frank Gehry’s Foundation Louis Vuitton (also called) building in Paris with an array of multicolored filters. Daniel Buren – a French artist known for his in-situ works – has covered the 3,600 pieces of glass making up the building’s 12 sails in brightly-colored filters. The colorful pieces have been arranged in a chequerboard-like formation, and have been applied to both the inside and outside of the building’s glass facades – creating a kaleidoscopic effect that changes…

Inspiration #1. Paris Interiors.

These interiors are rife with inspiration: from the radically kitsch design philosophy to the powder-hued romanticism, from retro haven to industrial and contemporary chic with exotic accents. The nation of a Parisian charm is ubiquitous, and the magic of the city’s interior design is the gold standard. My inspiring collection takes you behind closed doors, to discover the rich diversity of Parisian style. Copyright© by Art and Design Assistance 2013-2017. All rights reserved