Why you should do murals

A mural is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to completely change the look of a room without having to overhaul your home decor. e143893535427745c684742041d352bbDepending on how ambitious you’re feeling, you can paint your own mural or purchase an incredible full wall design.They’re not as popular as wallpaper or other simpler ways of adding a little extra style to a room but their impact is much stronger. Wall murals can help bring together a décor. Some even allow you to escape into a tropical paradise right there, in the comfort of your own home.

If you like murals but it’s difficult to choose one because of the multitude of models, 903a75b3d058a47791000002fedadbcfmaybe you should focus on something a little more personal. For example, a beautiful black and white snapshot looks charming. Of course, you would have to choose the photo carefully before enlarging it and turning it into a mural.
A wall mural could also really change the atmosphere in an office. An image that captures something fun and exciting could serve as inspiration when you’re working and would give you the boost you need when doing so.
You might think that murals are only for rooms such as the living room, dining room or the bedroom but you would be very wrong. A mural can change the look of any room in the house. It can even transform a bathroom into a serene and stylish space.

Working side by side with interior designers and visual merchandisers, I would help to bring your visions into life. Creating the perfect wall decor is a specialty I known for. With our graphic designer I here to help serve you best, you can feel confident that your creativity will no doubt leave a lasting impression with my custom photo murals and wallpaper murals. More information at http://www.mashamelnik.com

If you would like to order my custom photo, photo murals or looking for interior designer, please let me know it by
email: melnik.deco@gmail.com


Warm wishes,
Masha Melnik

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